2CAUDIO 2019 Big Splash Promo ACTIVE NOW!

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2019 Big Splash Promo ACTIVE NOW!

Dear clients and friends,

This is a gentle reminder that our Big Splash Summer Promo is active now. It's time once again for us to offer you the opportunity to save big on all 2CAudio products. We are offering up to 40% off all products! We're even including our newly released and highly popular Precedence and Breeze 2 products in the deal, as well as giving you a sneak peak at their next major version updates! There has literally never been a better time to join the family!

Limited-time pricing is as follows:

Precedence : $99.95. - Save $50 - 33% off, includes early access to 1.5, see below!
Breeze 2: $99.95. - Save $50 - 33% off, includes early access to 2.5, see below!
Aether: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off!
B2: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off!
Kaleidoscope: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off!
The Perfect Storm 3.5: $349.95. - Save $150! 30% off the bundle, 70% off products!
Everything: $449.95. - Jump In! Save Big! Add all 2CAudio products in one Big Splash!

This special pricing is time limited... Pricing will go up in August. Act now!

New Preset Expansions

Today, after many months of hard work, we are ready to share with you the fruits of our labor and give you a sneak peak of Precedence 1.5 and Breeze 2.5. These are very major updates which deliver our full vision for fully automatic Precedence Link via inter-plugin communication as promised, but that's only a small part of what we have accomplished! We always aim to deliver more than promised and today we have a big surprise for you!

We have developed a truly next-generation spatial mixing environment that integrates many instances of Precedence and Breeze and allows them to function as a unified virtual acoustic space. We have introduced Multi-Instance Editing, Edit Groups, Global Broadcast, Selection Sync, and more. These features allow a single GUI editor to control tens or even hundreds of Linked instances of Precedence and Breeze, enabling edits to parameter data from all instances within an Edit Group. You can manage the spatial mixing of an entire orchestra from a single shared GUI editor for example! You can even make preset changes en masse for the entire group, while maintaining relative positions for each instance! This system represents a huge leap in the evolution of spatial mixing!

Precedence 1.5 and Breeze 2.5 will be officially released in August, and will be free updates to existing customers of these products. They are available to try today in a public-customer-beta form, to allow users to get a sneak peak and help provide any additional feedback during our Big Splash Summer event. The full manual for these updates is available today, and goes into great detail to help explain the tremendous benefits of the advances this work represents. Full marketing materials and videos will be available at official launch time in August, but we wanted to share this work with you, our loyal customers, first as your previous feedback already helped design this system.

We expect all functional DSP to perfectly stable in both products, and it should be safe to immediately replace instances in your working sessions with these builds. If you continue to use the traditional Independent instance workflow as you have been so far, there should be no stability concerns that we are aware of. We are primarily interested in feedback on and additional stress testing of the new inter-plugin communication and multi-instance editing topics in all host and OS combinations as these are newly developed and involve rather complex coding. The public beta phase is designed to ensure these new systems are ready for mission critical work upon the official launch in August. This is also your chance to offer any last minute suggestions. We are listening!

The download links for the betas are found in the My Downloads area of the Designer Sound web-store together with the current retail versions.

New Preset Expansions

During the Big Splash Promo double discounts are currently available for all existing 2CAudio customers who would like to add to their spatial collection. If you have at least one 2CAudio product you can save an additional $25 off Aether, B2, Breeze 2 , or Precedence by applying this coupon voucher at checkout: Crossgrade_2CAudioReverbs

Existing Breeze 1 customers can upgrade to Breeze 2 for only $49.95. Simply apply this voucher at checkout if you qualify: Upgrade_Breeze2

Existing Perfect Storm 3.0 customers can order Precedence for only $49.95 and this action will upgrade them to Perfect Storm 3.5 status automatically. Simply apply this voucher at checkout if you qualify: Upgrade_PerfectStorm35

Custom upgrades to Perfect Storm 3.5 or Everything from earlier versions of Perfect Storm or some sub-set thereof are also possible. Email for details.

New Preset Expansions

In case you missed it, we recently posted two incredible client interviews where we try our best to ask relevant questions that span many topics including musical creativity and inspiration, technology, production techniques, gear, and of course integration of our products. We are always humbled by the incredible accomplishments of our clients and deeply honored to be some small part of their creative workflow. We always learn so much from these interviews and are deeply thankful to The Glitch Mob, and Gareth Coker for participating and sharing their vast knowledge!

The Glitch Mob is a trio from Los Angeles, CA. Over 10 years in the game with 3 albums, multiple EPs and countless remixes. Known for their live performances with their custom stage instrument called The Blade, they have traveled the world playing their music at some of the most renown festivals and venues. Their most recent album See Without Eyes peaked at number one on the iTunes Dance/Electronic chart, the Billboard Hot 100 Dance/Electronic chart, among other various accolades.

Gareth Coker is an award-winning composer for visual media whose score for Moon Studios' platform game Ori and the Blind Forest was met with universal acclaim, garnering numerous awards including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Award for Outstanding Music Composition and the SXSW Award for Excellence In Musical Score. He also wrote the original scores ARK: Survival Evolved, The Unspoken, and Minecraft: Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, and Greek Mythologies, as well as the Minecraft : Pirates of the Caribbean Mash-up Pack.


"If there were an effect plug-in of the year award, B2 would certainly get my vote." - Wusik Sound Magazine, 10/2012

"More than the sum of its parts, this amazing dual reverb will blow you away." - Music Radar, 11/2012

"It doesn't take long to realize this is a spectacular plug-in capable of producing an incredibly broad range of effects..." - Computer Music, 11/2012

"10/10! The voicing throughout sounds dense and creamy, but never in a way that can drown a mix." - Music Tech Magazine, 12/2012

"...an engineer's wet dream. The outstanding sound quality, deep programmability and great price make Aether the reverb plug-in to beat!" - EM, 11/09

"The universe of native reverbs has a new gold standard. "-  Recording Mag, 10/09

"This is a damn fine reverb and 2Caudio should be very proud..."-  Sound On Sound, UK, 09/09

"One of the best algorithmic Reverbs we've ever heard!" - Computer Music, 05/09

"Aether offers world-class reverb at a great price..." -  Mix Magazine, 09/10

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