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Dear clients and friends,

Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive response to our latest efforts! This is a final reminder that the introductory period for Breeze 2.0, Perfect Storm 3.0, and three new preset expansions for Breeze 2.0 is ending soon. Breeze 2.0 is the first member of the next generation of our award-winning reverb family. We believe it is one of our best efforts to date! Not only does it sound absolutely sublime, but it is also now one of the most efficient reverbs on the market. It's more than twice as light, twice as pristine, simpler, prettier, and vastly more powerful. It's simply better. Over 800 new presets for Breeze 2.0 are also now available to help you get the most out of it, and we have updated our Perfect Storm Pack to 3.0 to include Breeze 2.0 and the new expansions.

Introductory pricing for new customers is available through March 31, 2018:

Breeze 2.0: $99.95. - Save $25 - Special Introductory Offer!
Breeze 2.0 Pack: $124.95. - Save $25 - Adds 4 Preset Expansions!
Perfect Storm 3.0: $399.95. - Save $100! All 2CAudio reverbs and associated expansions!
2CAudio Everything Pack: $499.95. - Save $300! Adds Kaleidoscope and content as well!

This special pricing is only available for a limited time, so act now! All current products will return to their regular prices on April 1, 2018.

A text-only format Press Release can be found here.

New Preset Expansions

During the Introductory period existing customers can save even more by using the following voucher codes at checkout:

Breeze 2.0: $74.95: Crossgrade_2CAudioBreeze2
Breeze Pack: $99.95: Crossgrade_2CAudioBreeze2

If you are a Perfect Storm 2.5 or equivalent customer and wish to upgrade to Perfect Storm 3.0 you should order this:

PS 3 Upgrade (Breeze Pack): $74.95: Upgrade_PerfectStorm3

This will supply all the new items in Perfect Storm 3.0, effectively making you a Perfect Storm 3.0 customer for an upgrade fee of only $74.95. Our FAQ: explains in more detail if needed.

Custom Upgrades to Perfect Storm or Everything: Email for details...

New Preset Expansions

Almost everything. Our existing algorithms were rebuilt completely from the ground up. Of course we kept the best parts of our original design, but we effectively rethought everything:

• Extreme gains in performance and efficiency
• One of the fastest, most efficient reverbs on the market
• The renown 2CAudio sound without the CPU usage
• Over twice as fast as Breeze 1 on average, often significantly more
• Render entire songs in seconds
• Load hundreds of simultaneous instances on modern CPUs
• The first pro-audio software on the market to offer AVX-512 optimizationfor bleeding-edge hardware

• 12 Algorithm Modes
• 9 completely new modes unlike other 2CAudio reverbs
• Ultra dense Chamber and Plate modes
• Slow building Hall modes
• Colored modes for interesting spectral effects
• 3 Classic modes that have been significantly improved

• 2 new Modulation Modes producing absolutely stunning results
• The most pristine tech specs on the market -- no artifacts
• Pitch modulation as well as more subtle modulation

• 12 Damp and EQ filter types
• 8 completely new to Breeze
• All enhanced beyond our previous designs

• Alg Randomization Button
• Generate literally infinite variations of a single preset with one click

• Interactive Frequency Display
• Ultra intuitive adjustment of filter parameters using X-Y mouse action
• Double-size Freq Zoom View for fine tuning and numeric entry
• More power and greater diversity for advanced users and designers

• Time Display
• Displays information about the characteristics of first 300ms
• Differentiates different preset types with clear visual aide
• Double-size Time Zoom View for extra detail and control

• Even More Pristine Sound
• Completely 64-bit double-precision process end-to-end
• Noise-floors approaching -300dB

• Absolutely zero Latency
• Early energy can start exactly at zero samples
• Incredible sense of 3D spatial impression
• Intimate ambiences

• Completely 100% procedural GUI
• Ultra fast plug-in load times even at huge GUI sizes
• No wasted disk space
• Perfectly crisp and anti-aliased images and text

• Resizable GUI
• 10 different GUI sizes from the original small size to 4K
• Support of High DPI Screens

• Advanced color preferences system
• Customize the look and feel of the GUI
• Change your vibe, get inspired
• Dark and Light GUI themes

What's not new? Everything that made Breeze 1.0 so widely loved, including access to its original sound, the price, and most importantly its simplicity. Breeze remains true to its own product identity: Simple. Light. Pristine. Happily Breeze 2.0 is all of these things and much more. It is truly the state of our art, and rather epic start of the next generation of our reverbs.


Three new world-class Preset Expansions created by industry veterans have also been developed specifically for Breeze 2. They can be purchased solo, as a pack, or together with Breeze for maximum savings.

Glacier Breeze Expansion
• Created by renown artist, composer, and sound-designer Simon Stockhausen, founder of Patchpool.net
• 200 cinematic, thematic, and huge ambient presets perfect for scoring work

Spatial Creatives Expansion
• Created by veteran sound-designer Andrew Schlesinger whose previous work includes presets for Lexicon, TC Electronics, Yamaha, Sony, Eventide, Roland, Korg, Kurzweil, Emu, Alesis, and Casio and other hardware legends
• 200 hyper-real, imagined and creative spaces for use in all forms of rock, post rock, synth pop, and contemporary electronic music production

Simply Better Expansion
• Created by Andrew Souter , Breeze 2.0's primary algorithm designer
• 260 presets focusing exclusively on using all of the extensive new 2.0 features to achieve results that were impossible to achieve previously with 1.0

If you purchased the Breeze 2.0 Pack or upgraded from Perfect Storm 2.5 to 3.0 during the Pre-Release phase, you can obtain all new preset expansions at no additional cost as a gift from us to thank you for helping us make Breeze 2 a success. Simply add the Breeze Expansions Pack to your cart and goto checkout. The price will adjust if you qualify.


"If there were an effect plug-in of the year award, B2 would certainly get my vote." - Wusik Sound Magazine, 10/2012

"More than the sum of its parts, this amazing dual reverb will blow you away." - Music Radar, 11/2012

"It doesn't take long to realize this is a spectacular plug-in capable of producing an incredibly broad range of effects..." - Computer Music, 11/2012

"10/10! The voicing throughout sounds dense and creamy, but never in a way that can drown a mix." - Music Tech Magazine, 12/2012

"...an engineer's wet dream. The outstanding sound quality, deep programmability and great price make Aether the reverb plug-in to beat!" - EM, 11/09

"The universe of native reverbs has a new gold standard. "-  Recording Mag, 10/09

"This is a damn fine reverb and 2Caudio should be very proud..."-  Sound On Sound, UK, 09/09

"One of the best algorithmic Reverbs we've ever heard!" - Computer Music, 05/09

"Aether offers world-class reverb at a great price..." -  Mix Magazine, 09/10

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